Dear visitors of the note shop! Here you can find the most beautiful piano solos written for you. And of course, notes are wonderful to be seen and should nonetheless invite you to raise up your own voice while playing the piano.

In this way you have the possibility to play the songs from now on, or to use them as basis for your personal composing ideas, if you prefer. In any case I wish you to get lost in the ecstasy of playing and of the simultaneous listening, ecstasy that pervades us when we both listen to and play our favorite songs. This kind of experience especially involves piano players. Let’s celebrate. What a privilege!

P.S. This is a download product. I.e., notes can be downloaded just after the purchase. In addition, you can print them out, as you prefer.

Level of difficulty:
The level of difficulty of the piece varies from „Suitable for Beginners“ (A), to „Advanced “ (F) to „Experienced“ (E). In this way for each playable level there is something available. If you are a beginner I strongly recommend to start with pieces of level “A” and to play them in a slow tempo. The best thing is: pieces which are played slowly unfold their essence sooner, since they can really live out the echoes between the tones.

Use of the pedals:
The sustain pedal definitively matters in my music. Therefore, you are warmly invited to use this pedal as much as you can but at the same time to be gentle with it. Basically, you cannot have too much pedal but it should not sound blurred. For this reason, I suggest you to release the pedal softly, so that nothing can go wrong and you will allow your music to sound as a moving one from the beginning.

After printing out:
Pieces are between 4 to 8 pages long. Therefore, I recommend putting them together with an adhesive tape, in order let them dominate the scene on your favorite piano while playing. In this way you may avoid the annoying turning of pages or the obsessive presence of a disapproving teacher, that makes you nervous during his task of “page-turner”. The song is meant to be just for you and for your audience.

Playing with the heart:
I would like to encourage you to play songs with the heart. Please, leave your head at school or at work. This is a moment of feeling, not of thinking. I strongly believe that if you would play the pieces in front of an audience, they will be incredibly grateful. And if the pianist plays with his/her heart, the audience will hear with the heart as well… so wonderful moments arise, moments that no one can forget.

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