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Dear piano lovers, welcome to the shop of Martin Herzberg. Here you can find all the works of Martin on highly modern CDs, as well as neatly written notes and big, perfect rounded records. If you want to hold something more and listening to music represents for you a pleasant ritual, then you are in the right place. The sound recordings (CDs & LPs) will be well packed in order to make them reach your hands free from damage. The shipping costs of all items are already included in the price. Have fun searching and making presents!
For lovers and collectors: I have put together a couple of products for piano lovers collectors among you, as a limited edition. Of the EP “Etwas Bleibt” have been produced only 999 exemplars. There will be no further re-edition and it will leave our place hand signed. This is a CD for real lovers, piano music to be given as a present. Each order comes with a personal greeting card so that your own words would go along the way to the receiver of this gift. As a special highlight, hand signed notes in a designed envelope are also available. These notes can be wonderfully framed and hung on the wall, and eventually played. The four-handed piece “Lifelines” is an invitation to play together, since this piece can be played two-handed as well as four-handed (notes are available in both versions). Hand signed piano keys: “Liebe & Tasten” – we take the title of the current albums absolutely literally. Therefore, the possibility to get hand signed piano keys with a personal dedication is available also for this piece. As for the previous items, these products are offered in a limited edition and look delightful on the collection shelf of a passionate piano lover. A real surprise for every fan of Martin Herzberg. All My Music: in the last 15 years I made a lot of music. Among it there are a couple of pieces that cannot be found neither on sound recordings, nor in any Internet platform – only here. The item “All My Music” includes almost 100 titles to download, with rarities and special live recordings. Anyone who go for it can benefit of the complete musical works of Martin Herzberg.

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