Stars (The New Album)

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Dear piano lover,

we look out into the stars and see countless solar systems. We see how they are born and how they die. This tells us how we came into existence and also how we will come to an end. Today we know that in about seven billion years our sun will blow up into a red giant and devour our earth in a beautiful firework display. How wonderfully small this unimaginable idea makes us.

There will not be a breath left of what we are now. No one will remember our greatest ones: no scientist, no leader, no athlete and no pop star. Our thought of immortality is just the witness of our touching naivety. Everything we know burns up and becomes stuff for new stars and planets.

In the few years I have been allowed to live on this planet, I imagine how the connection to the people I loved most resounds, like a radio wave travelling through the universe. I imagine how we were together, in pain and in happiness, in war and in peace. I imagine how I embraced my beloved ones, how I loved. How I was in mourning. How I laughed, danced and cried. I imagine how our embraces will live on and resonate as cosmic energy.

Whereas my ego can hardly bear this finiteness, the other part of me feels redeemed and deeply touched from it. Even though we are so small and trivial in the infinite vastness of the universe, the love we give each other is the purest and most beautiful raison d’être for our wonderful moving existence.

This is my romantic idea of eternity. This music wants to be part of it.

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